Sl. No
1 Mr. D.P Agarwal Chairman
2 Mr.J. K. Luthra Vice-Chairman
3 Mr. S. L. Gupta Member/ Acting Chairman
4 Mr. M. P. Sarwagi (TCI) Member
5 Dr. T. P. Pati Manager/ Regional Director
6 Dr. Munish Chander (TCI) Member
7 Mr. M. K. Sinha Member
8 Mr. V. K. Singh Member
9 Mr. T.P. Jha Member
10 Mr. R.C. Gond Principal K.V.S. Hinoo, Ranchi
11 Mr. J.J. Kujur Principal K.V.S. Dipatoli, Ranchi
12 Mrs. Jawani Devi (Parent's Representative) Member
13 Mr. Anil Kumar Das (Parent's Representative) Member
14 Mr. Niraj Kr. Jha/ Mr. Rakesh Kr. Singh Teacher Representative
15 Mr. Ujjwal Sen Teacher Representative
16 Mr. Shiv Narayan Singh Member Secretary (Head Master)
* Head of the school will operate all the school accounts(except DAV College Managing Committee acoount of the school) jointly with the Chairman/Vice-Chairman/Manager of the school.

"The Treasure of learning is imperishable"

Swami Dayanand