School Building

There is a three storied building with 35 classrooms.


The School has spacious library with more than 2700 books, including textbooks, reference books, story books, journals and periodicals.

Sports Facilities

The School has two sprawing playgrounds for outdoor games and other facilities of indoor game.Students are constantly exposed to inter-school and Zonal competition of various sports opportunities for the youtj who have endless potential to put up miraculous performances. Our children have done remarkably well at Zonal level.


Computer learning is an intergral part of our curriculum from III to VIII. Lab with specialized software is available to the students.

Composite Laboratory

Composite Laboratory of Physic, Chemistry and Biology is available for the students.

Fun & Play Room

Special Play Room for Kids is available with all handy equipments for recreations.

Music Room

A great variety of musical instruments are available for the students. Students are continuously exposed to different competitions.


"The Treasure of learning is imperishable ”

Swami Dayanand