Student Activities

DAV School encourages the students to pursue various co- curricular activities like painting, gardening, clay modelling, Yoga, public speaking, drama, debates, educational tours, social service activities etc. Special classes are held on a daily basis for the primary section in Karate, Kungfu, Chess, Dance & Music (both Classical and Folk). Science and Literary Clubs also from part of the activities.

Parent Activities

  • Parent - Teacher meetings are held regularly to understand every individuals learning capabilities also their social , intellectual , and emotional development .
  • Parents are invited during Independence day , Republic day , Annual function and other celebration to watch their children performance .
  • There is regular communication through detailed circulars and children diaries .
  • We organize career building and personality development programme for students to give to give new shape and direction to their future.


To create an atmosphere of healthy competition and team spirit, most of the school activities are governed by the House-System. Inter House Competitions are regularly held. Teachers and the students are divided among Houses-

  • Dayanand
  • Aurobindo.
  • Vivekanand.
  • Shraddhanand.


There is regular assessment of students through new evaluation system Prescribed by CBSE .There are four Formative assessments and two Summative assessments in one academic year .


"The Treasure of learning is imperishable"

Swami Dayanand